No fear the TWINS are here!! We are sure most of you guys know that we both decided to leave our full-time jobs and fully commit ourselves to WAA. I know it sounds kind of crazy and impulsive but we were tired of thinking “what if” and really motivated each other to follow our dreams and passions in life. This is the time to do it. This is the time to take risks and push for more!

Why NYC?

New York has always been a second home for us. We packed up our things, shipped our boxes and left for a month! We stayed in the smallest, cutest, best bed and breakfast apartment in the Upper East Side -- the SARDI GIRLS apartment! Yup. that’s right. We stayed for a full month in our older sisters apartment. The four of us crammed together. Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Best part of this story -- our best friend who’s been through it all with us, ERIKA, came along for the first week of this journey.

Artists & Fleas

Two weekends in a row, we were privileged to be a part of the Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn! We met a lot of cool people and were able to sell to an audience that were meeting us for the first time! In our opinion...it was a SUCCESS! Our supporters in MIA would always go to our events, and for the first time, we were selling to customers who have never heard of us! Every day we would get asked if we were twins...and of course, we had our very own, YES, WE ARE TWINS shirt to point at! What an amazing experience.

Growing WAA

The last three weeks in NY we took the opportunity to sit down and create new ideas. Now that we have the time to fulfill our ideas, we are able to commit to them and make them all come true little by little.

  • Launching our new website.
  • Growing our social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Doing a weekly BFF giveaway campaign for the four weeks in NYC.
  • Networking through events.
  • New jewelry designs.
  • Photo and video shoots
  • Creating a blog.

Creating this blog was the best idea of them all. Being able to channel our ideas and thoughts into writing, and sharing our twin moments with our WAA fans is an incredible feeling!

Grab your BFF and match in TWINSTYLE!!



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