It’s that time of year again where thousands of people gather for one of the most popular, upbeat music festivals -- yes, we are talking about COACHELLA! When we think Coachella, we think of the glowing sunsets, the ferris wheel, amazing music, and boho-style galore! So, what could be better than throwing your very own Coachella themed party in your backyard (well actually going to Coachella may be better, but throwing your own music festival is still pretty awesome)?!

We are throwing our very first TWINCHELLA PARTY for our 25th birthday!!


We got inspired by all the outfits, decorations, and simply watching everyone CELEBRATE LIFE, that we wanted to bring it all to our backyard for our birthday. If you are looking to throw your very own music-festival themed party -- from creative decorations to killer dress codes, below is some inspo for the Coachella party of your dreams!


We made our invitation look like a ticket and added all the information needed for the party!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Invitation


Encourage your family and friends to come dressed as if they are actually going to Coachella - boho-inspired, hippie, punkish, flowy skirts, stacked jewelry, you name it!

TWIN A is rockin' half-up space buns (double buns) with a touch of glitter down the middle! Plus a 70s themed outfit vibe.
We Are Andrex Twinchella Hairstyle

TWIN B is wearing low pigtails with rubber bands going down! Plus striped pants and a cropped top!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Hairstyle

We styled our WAA jewelry to match our outfits and the theme of the party! TWIN A (left) is wearing the Snake Chain Choker, layered with the Venice Necklace from the California Dreaming Collection. Twin B (right) is wearing her favorite Vida Choker, with the Melrose Necklace also from the California Dreaming Collection. 
We Are Andrex Twinchella Outfits
We Are Andrex Twinchella Outfit


Now, this is the fun part! Here is where your imagination and creativity juices will flow, and your backyard will transform into the Coachella party of your dreams!

We placed rugs in almost every spot we can find in our backyard. Simply grab the ones from your living room or family room and place them outside! OR we got the cutest rugs for ONLY $5 at Five Below!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Decorations

We made this space in our backyard as our photo booth section and a stage for our family and friends to DJ! Our photo booth was handmade by us! TWIN B designed the "I'd rather be in TWINCHELLA" banner and got it printed out at Walgreens. We also hung long strands of ribbons, laces, and tassels and placed them on either side of the banner. You can find these materials at your nearest local craft store. 
We Are Andrex Twinchella Photobooth
We Are Andrex Twinchella Photo booth

Here is what our “Line up” sheet that we created looked like! We left it blank so that people could write down their names and take turns being the DJ of TWINCHELLA for 15 to 30 minutes! This is a fun way to interact with your guests and get a variety of songs playing!
We Are Andrex Twinchella

We sanded down some wood pallets and stacked them on top of one another to create a fun size spot for people to sit!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Decorations

We printed out and framed some west coast vibe photos and hung them on our fence! The week of the party we had a DIY night and made these sweet dream catchers! You can find the materials at any craft store located in your neighborhood!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Decorations
We Are Andrex Twinchella

Here are some other simple decorations that were included in the party:

We Are Andrex Twinchella

These funky pillows were a great deal at Five Below!
We Are Andrex Twinchella
We Are Andrex Twinchella
We Are Andrex Twinchella
We Are Andrex Twinchella
We Are Andrex Twinchella


We wanted our guests to be involved as much as possible and really feel like they are at Coachella. We created 2 stations - Flower Crown Station and Glitter & Tattoo Station.


Go to the nearest craft store and grab 3-4 strands of your favorite artificial flowers, plus green flower tape and green florist stem wire. Take the flowers apart and place them in cute bowls for your guests. The green florist stem wire will be the base of the crown, where your guests will tape the flowers on. Print out a set of instructions and VOILA you got a flower crown station!
We Are Andrex Twinchella Flower Crown Station

This station is pretty easy and was a hit at our party! Everyone wanted to add a touch of glitter to their outfit and choose their favorite tattoos! You can find the glitter and gold temporary tattoos on Amazon!
We Are Andrex Twinchella

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we made our decorations please comment below or email us your questions!

Thank you for reading! Can’t wait to see what your Coachella party looks like!



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