Style by Sarah collab with We Are Andrex

We met Sarah Hopkins on a WAA Ring Giveaway that we hosted in January of this year. She has been nothing but kind, positive, and supportive towards us and for that, we truly appreciate her! When we found out that she's a fashion and lifestyle blogger, we sent her the same ring she won in the giveaway, the Wishbone WAA Ring, plus 2 Pink Mini Marble Bracelets for her and her younger sister, Lea. After reading her blog post about her WAA experience on her website, Styled by Sarah, we absolutely fell in LOVE with them! You can totally see their bond and connection the two share, and that is what WAA is all about - the power of friendship, celebrating life with the ones you love, and breathing in the moment. You can pretty much say they're TWINS!

We asked Sarah and Lea to do a BFF Twinterview with us and answer some fun questions about their sisterly friendship! Scroll down to read more!

Styled by Sarah collab with We Are Andrex

1. What do you guys do?

When we're together we pretty much do everything together even if it's just as simple as going for a run or going to the grocery store. Some of our favorite things to do include going to the beach, going shopping, and going out to places to drink, eat, and dance.

2. What's your favorite sister moment?

We have a ton of favorite sister moments! Many of them involve spending time at our lake house or traveling. Our most recent favorite sister moment would probably have to be Lea's 21st birthday. It was a nice carefree funny day spent at our lake house last summer with our mom (who's also one of our best friends).

3. What makes your friendship so unique?

Our friendship is unique because we are very different but we get along very well (Lea is the crazy, silly one and Sarah is the reserved control freak). It's also unique because we live over 1,000 miles away from each other but we talk to each other almost daily.

Styled by Sarah collab with We Are Andrex

4. What’s the funniest story you two have together?

One of the funny stories that we will never forget for some reason is when we were road tripping to North Carolina to tour colleges about 7 years ago. Our mom was driving late at night on the highway to get us to Greenville when all of the sudden she started freaking out. There was a car driving on a bridge over the highway but to her, it looked like a plane was landing on the highway. We kind of freaked out too because we thought that too at first but then we all ended up laughing all the way to Greenville when we realized it was just a car on a bridge...

5. What nicknames do you have for each other?

We call each other Lee Lee and Say Say sometimes. We think that our nicknames actually go well together!

6. Finish this sentence - “We go together like…”

We go together like a warm brownie and ice cream...Lea's favorite dessert!

7. What's your favorite piece from our collection?

Our favorite piece from the collection is the WAA Wishbone Ring. We love that we each have one! The ring goes with everything and reminds us to stay wishful. 

Thank you so much, Sarah and Lea, for telling us your story and letting us interview you. We hope you both feel and stay connected even when you are miles apart wearing your WAA goodies! Remember to enjoy the present with the ones you love and always seek new #WAAVENTURES! Grab your friend and CELEBRATE LIFE together!

Styled by Sarah collab with We Are AndrexStyled by Sarah collab with We Are AndrexStyled by Sarah collab with We Are AndrexStyled by Sarah collab with We Are Andrex



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