Hi I’m Andrea!

And I’m Alex!

And together WE ARE ANDREX!

Welcome to our TWIN BLOG! We are super excited to write our first blog together! Let’s start with the first question that pops into your mind - “What does it feel like to be a twin?” Honestly, we don't know what it feels like to not be a twin - it's a natural thing for us, but we definitely do feel a special connection!! Being a twin is the greatest feeling ever. It’s a permanent best friend always tied to each other’s hips. Being a twin makes us feel like we have these special twin powers -- especially when we are walking down the streets and get asked a hundred twin questions. 

Growing up we’d always wear the SAME clothes but in DIFFERENT colors - funny right? Andrea would wear pink and Alex would wear purple. This is what we bring to We Are Andrex - a variety of colors of the same accessory piece to match with your BFF in TWINSTYLE. You can find our Twinset Deals where you can purchase two of the same bracelet or choker and choose the color of your choice!

We are with each other 24/7 and honestly, there is always something to talk about! Always keeping each other's company. So we want to bring all of that TWIN energy into this blog! Here are some fun topics we will talk about --  

  • Twinstyle: How to wear some of our WAA goodies; adding your favorite WAA goodies to the TWINPARTY (layering and stacking)
  • DIY: Easy creative projects we’d love to share with you.
  • BFF Twinterviews: Interviews with TWINS and BFFs
  • Travel: Celebrating life through traveling and creating new memories.
  • Twin Stories: Telling stories about our TWINLIFE
  • And much much more!

Thank you so much for reading!! Don’t forget to breathe in the moment. And CELEBRATE LIFE with the ones you love.



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