We are very excited to do this TWINTERVIEW with our dear twin friends, Mandy and Gaby. We all four went to high school together, and thank God for social media because we were able to finally reconnect!! When we were in New York for the month, we reached out to Mandy, who lives in the city. After not seeing each other for 6 years, we sat down and had a lovely brunch! We caught up on hundreds of stories and got to know each other better. We were so happy when Mandy and Gaby agreed to do this TWINTERVIEW! Scroll down to get to know them!

What do you guys do?

We are currently doing polar opposite things. Gaby is a full-time student at the University of South Florida where she’s finishing her last semester (YAY) and she also interns at a digital marketing agency. She’s also an amazing photographer—check out @ExplorewithGabs. I’m (Mandy) currently living in New York and working for CBS This Morning doing social media and assisting the Executive Producer of the show. When I’m not waking up at 3 AM I’m probably researching the latest fashion trends and reading books on international affairs.


How is it like living separately?

Living separately is definitely an adjustment at first, but it hasn’t changed how close we are. We are in constant communication 24/7 and always keep each other updated with what’s going on with our day-to-day. Even though we live thousands of miles away from each other we try to stay united in every way possible. Facetime is our bff4eva.

What’s your favorite twin moment?

This is an impossible question! Because we live far from each other I think it’s safe to say that our favorite twin moment is anytime we’re actually able to get together. We both love traveling and have explored numerous countries without having the other by our side so when we have the opportunity to travel together we feel like we’re #winning. We recently went to Portland, Maine (and before anyone asks we decided to go there because of the song by Donovan woods *check it out*) and it was amazing. It has been one of our favorite trips, and it was everything we needed and more after spending months without seeing each other. Twin reunions are the best reunions.


What is the craziest or funniest story you two have together?

In our 24 years of life, “double trouble” has been a constant. Whether we were switching classes, dating boys with the same name (sorry for the confusion mom), it always pure laughter when we’re with each other. We would say that the funniest story has to be when our mom found our hidden tattoos. We moved out at an early age and went to visit our parents in Tampa. At this point, we had our matching tattoos already for two years but our parents didn’t know about it. Gaby was changing when my mom walked into the room and saw something on her ribcage. Our mom, like the typical Dominican mom, screams “Que es eso?!” which translates to “What is that?!” Gaby immediately screams out


and we literally had to run away from our mom. It was the funniest thing ever.


Where would you travel to next?

Ireland, Amsterdam, and Australia

What nicknames do you have for each other?

For the most part Sissy/Twinny. I (Gaby) have Amanda saved under Kourtney Kardashian on my phone and she has me as Khloe so there’s that too.

Finish this sentence - “We go together like…”.

Like a fat kid loves cake.

What's your favorite piece from our collection?

Sun and Moon BFF Anklets



Thank you so much, Mandy and Gaby, for being a part of our TWINTERVIEW. And thank you, girls, for supporting a small local business like us. Remember to enjoy the present with the ones you love and always seek new adventures! Grab your friend and CELEBRATE LIFE together!

(P.s. Follow Mandy and Gaby's adventures through their social media!)


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