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Sometimes in life, you just have to take a leap and follow your heart. In this case, we drove 2,665 miles and moved to our dream city - San Diego!

Making this decision was difficult since we have never moved away from home and away from our family, but with an amazing support system, we were able to do it all! We wanted to take this blog post and use it as an inspiration to women everywhere who feel that they are stuck and settled in one place and to learn that it’s okay to just let go and make the changes you need in your lives.

Now is the time to focus on ourselves and our dreams. Now is that time to just LET GO. Now is the time to step outside of our comfort zone and do something that excites us every single day. Now is the time to connect with our inner Self. Now is the time to try something new and follow our passions. Now is the time to be present.

And that’s what made our decision to move.

Growing up we have always followed the “rules” - graduate from high school, get into college, get good grades, study your butts offs, graduate from college, get a full-time job, etc. That was all great and we are VERY fortunate and appreciative for going that route...until we discovered a new passion in our lives and it was something that we could both do together - handmade jewelry.

Exactly a year ago, we both made a very risky decision of leaving our full-time jobs and solely focus on our jewelry business. Within the year we can definitely say we have learned, grown, traveled, explored, and have felt all the emotions possible. In one year we did over 20 events, fully rebranded our jewelry business - business cards, logo, website, photos, got into all social media accounts, networked, collaborated with so many creative entrepreneurs, and much more.

And...we are still growing and will always continue growing.

If this is something you are thinking about doing then GO FOR IT! Start by creating a plan, creating goals for yourself and for your next step in life. Make sure to save money. Most importantly surround yourself with people who love you, who are positive, and who support you. Definitely helped us having an amazing support system!

We hope this inspires you to simply LET GO & FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS…become who you are meant to be.

"Only inwardness remained to be explored."

See below our photos of us building our home & our road trip video to San Diego!

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