Another day, another TWINTERVIEW! We are super excited to introduce to you guys one of our favorite TWINS -- the TWINNING STORE. Fashionable t-shirts, hats, and more made by TWINS for TWINS. We had the honor of twinterviewing them and asking questions about how they began their journey and fun TWIN stories. Check it out!


twinning store

What do you guys do?

We are K&E and we run Twinning Store, an online store for twins by twins. Our store consists of fashion that let twins show their twin-ness in a stylish and fun way. In addition, we have gifts for twins, twin moms and twin dads.

How did TWINNING STORE begin?

We’re always seen being twins as a big part of our life. Wherever we go in the world it‘s something that’s brought up. Even though we don’t know if we are fraternal or identical, we are used to the stares and questioning eyes and wanted to answer the common twin questions before asked. We went online to search for such items but couldn’t find any. We found ourselves wanting to create a space that celebrated twins and the unique twin bond, so Twinning Store was born.

Twinning Store

What’s your most favorite and memorable moment about being a twin?

Wow - good question. There are so many. Besides the many fun twin vacations, we have had, probably the day we launched Twinning Store. The nerves and anticipation, and not knowing how people would respond. But luckily twins responded right away and we are still pinching ourselves that twins all over the world are wearing our clothing.

What is the craziest or funniest thing you two have done together?

Another great question. We may or may not have taken some important phone calls as the other person...

What makes your friendship so unique?

Our friendship is unique because we are so close. We talk to each other 24/7 and doesn’t matter if we are in different continents. Being so close we can read each others body language and know pretty much what the other person is thinking (comes in handy in business).

Nicknames you have for each other.

We actually don’t have any except for Twin #1 and Twin #2. Need to work on that!

Finish this sentence - “We go together like…”.

Chips and guacamole :D

What accessories of ours would you two match in TWINSTYLE?

We LOVE the We Are Andrex jewelry so this took us some serious deliberation. But we would say a huge stack of the WAA Candies, the Seed Bead Choker, and the awesome Sun & Moon BFF Anklets. Our style and design are minimalistic and we are all about accessories so we love your brand and what you are doing.

Twinning Store

Twinning Store

Thank you, K & E, for taking the time to do this TWINTERVIEW. Click the link to shop the Twinning Store. Twin or not, these cute shirts are perfect to match with your BFF. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Have a beautiful day, and remember to breathe in the moment and celebrate life TOGETHER!



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