We Are Andrex Maia and Ele

We met Maia and Elene at a coffee shop in San Diego called, Communal Coffee (if you haven’t been there, it’s a MUST). We were working across these two girls and you could see their bond and connection shining through the walls of the coffee shop! They were totally into each other’s conversation - laughing, smiling, taking fun photos of each other. Right before they left we had to ask them about their story! The girls explained to us about their long distance relationship, and how they haven't seen each other in over two years. Elene moved to New York two years ago, and Maia continues living in San Diego. It's amazing how they never gave up on their friendship and continue loving each other for who they truly are.

We took photos of them rocking our WAA Candies, and let me tell ya, these babes were naturals! We are thrilled that Maia and Elene let us TWINTERVIEW them about the power of their friendship! Enjoy!

We Are Andrex Maia and Ele

How did you two meet?

We met when we were on the same soccer team when we were seven years old. We have been friends ever since!

What’s your favorite BFF moment?

Our favorite BFF moment is being reunited with each other after two and a half years apart. The craziest thing we have ever done together is probably going zip lining.

What makes your friendship so unique?

Our friendship is unique because our personalities are completely different. You could not find two people more different- but from the moment we met we just clicked and have been best friends ever since!

We Are Andrex Maia and Ele

What nicknames do you have for each other?

I like to call Elene, Lens and she calls me Mpearl.

Finish the sentence - “We go together like…”.

We go together like COFFEE and FLOWER ;)

We Are Andrex Maia and Ele

What jewelry of ours would you two match in TWINSTYLE?

Matching WAA Candies!

Thank you so much, Maia and Elene, for telling us your story and letting us interview you. We hope Maia and Elene feel connected even when they are miles apart wearing their new WAA Candies! Remember to enjoy the present with the ones you love and always seek new #WAAVENTURES! Grab your friend and CELEBRATE LIFE together!

We Are Andrex Maia and EleWe Are Andrex Maia and Ele

We Are Andrex Maia and EleWe Are Andrex Maia and Ele



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