With the holidays right around the corner, everyone has been non-stop gift shopping for their friends and families. WAA has the perfect solution for you! We have created a second BFF HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE with our favorite local businesses -- KATYA CROCHET and THE STYLE BAR. Mix and match your favorite WAA goodies with a Katya Crochet beanie or a hip plaid shirt from The Style Bar. You can shop our BFF Holiday gift guide below! BFF Holiday Gift Guide 2

Here’s where to shop:

  1. ‘In a Relationship With Wine’ T-Shirt - The Style Bar
  2. Customized Beanie - Katya Crochet
  3. Tassel on Tassel bracelets for HER and Urban Male Beaded bracelets for HIM 
  4. Sun & Moon BFF Anklets 
  5. Mini Marbles and WAA Candies
  6. BFF Cards

Other gift ideas listed below FOR...

Your Mom: Seed Bead Choker or Edgy Twin Wrap
We have two options for momma bear. If your mom loves a simple and delicate touch to her look, opt for the Seed Bead Choker. The Seed Bead Choker comes in 4 colors (black, peach, yellow, and lavender), with a hand-stamped gold disc charm that can be personalized with your choice. And if your mom rocks a more edgy look, the Edgy Twin Wrap is the go-to gift for her!

Seed Bead ChokerEdgy Twin Wrap

Your BFF or Sister: WAA Candies or Tassel on Tassel Bracelets
What says BFF more than a matching bracelet? Our WAA candies are the perfect friendship bracelets for you and your bestie (aka TWIN). Growing up my sister and I would always get the SAME gift but in DIFFERENT colors -- probably to make it easier for others to tell us apart! And that’s what we bring to WAA! Match with your BFF - same style, same color OR same style, different colors.

WAA Candies

Tassel on Tassel

Your Boyfriend or Brother: Urban Male Beaded Bracelets
We did not forget about our men out there! Get the matte black beaded bracelet for a more industrial and bold look OR brown wooden beaded bracelet for a more natural and down to earth look.

Black Urban Male Bracelet

Brown Urban Male Bracelet

The Celestial One: Stardust Choker or Backdrop Choker
If she spends most of her time staring at the moon and the stars, then she totally deserves a dainty Stardust Choker and a Backdrop Choker to compliment her neck. Let the stars dance on your collarbone, and the crescent moon dangle low on your back.
Stardust Choker

Backdrop ChokerBackdrop Choker moon


WAA has NEW gift options at checkout!
The brown box comes with tissue paper and a bow all tied up for the perfect person.

WAA gift box WAA gift options

We also have new BFF CARDS for your bestie (aka TWIN)! These are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, or simply to show some LOVE!

BFF Cards

Now let’s hear from you… What’s at the top of your wish list this holiday season? What type of gift guide would you like to see next? Comment below and share your ideas with us!


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  • Jen

    Can’t wait to start shopping for the holidays! Love the BFF Anklets :)

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