We’re headed for far more sophisticated audience-based recommendations, but we’re still living in a search-based world.guoya/Getty Images

AI’s Impact on Marketing May Be Getting Easier to Quantify

Practical Insights

A pilot by Kroger and MMA Global yielded impressive results and valuable takeaways for marketers.

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Attribution Will Make or Break Retail Media

Retail Media

The onus is on networks to measure the value of their data for advertisers.

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Design Studio Meet The Edge’s Mission to Elevate Experiences

Adweek Podcasts

Founder and CEO Grant Plotkin discusses helping top brands cut through the noise.

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Key Trademark Infringement Principles Marketers Need to Know

Search Engine Marketing

Best practices for addressing a competitor's use of your company's trademark in keyword advertising.

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Consumers Value Values—and Their Loyalty Depends on Them

Brand Purpose

Personalized communications and gated offers transform purpose into concrete actions.

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ChatGPT Is Already Influencing Skills for Advertising and Marketing Jobs

Artificial Intelligence

AI is leading some companies to prioritize quality assurance and strategy.

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Why Your Brand Should Pivot From DTC to Retail—and How to Do It Right

CPG & Grocery

The move isn't without risks, but CPG companies can mitigate them.

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Tailor Your Content, Media and Messaging With Intent Data

Marketing and Sales

Account-based marketing needs these signals from clients and prospects to stay as efficient as possible.

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How Do We Sift Through the Ever-Expanding Array of Retail Media Networks?

Retail Media

The answer lies within the networks themselves.

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Automation Is Rewriting the Performance Marketing Playbook

Performance Marketing

Marketers are retraining as new tools from Google and Meta make keywords and targeting skills less relevant.

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Your Website Is Getting Less Traffic From Google Searches Than It Used to

Search Engine Optimization

To boost online visibility, it’s time to shake things up and make strategic choices that will capture customer attention and earn clicks while building brand recognition.

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4 Retail Media Marketing Predictions for 2023

Retail Media

If you make the predictions before the end of January, they still can come true.

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Texting Boundaries Apply to Brands, Too

Mobile Marketing

Going about it the right way will be the difference between building long-term customer relationships or creating new enemies.

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How to Promote Accessibility in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Always consider how assistive devices will interpret the elements you include in your messages.

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Spotify Calls for More Regulatory Action Against Apple

Audio & Podcasting

Signatories include Basecamp and European media companies Deezer, Proton and Schibsted.

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