To help today’s brand leaders navigate the plethora of challenging topics and skills they must master, we’ve created the Career Toolkit filled with real stories, advice and tips for success from more than 500 CMOs and top marketing leaders.

Managing Your Career

Get into the driver’s seat of your life and career with inspiring stories and actionable advice from top marketing leaders.

Growing Your Skills

Sharpen your skills and learn how innovative leaders master innovative technologies, techniques and more.

Empowering Your Team

Learn how to drive growth by trusting, supporting and building strength in your team.

3 Inspire Brands CMOs Share Their Secret Sauce for Building Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Food & Beverage

Marketing leaders from Arby’s, Dunkin’ and Sonic share their playbook for earning consumer trust.

CMO Moves: The Future of Sustainable Shopping

CMO Moves

How these green champions are steering their companies and clients toward climate-friendly policies that consumers will support.

How Do I Get Someone to Take a Chance on Me?


Candid conversations about the messy middle.

How Do I Un-Stuck Myself?


Candid conversations about the messy middle

Laura Jones on Shifting Instacart’s Marketing Strategy From Transactional to Inspirational

CMO Moves

CMO Laura Jones takes stock of the delivery service’s move away from transactional relationships.

4 Winning Strategies From Sports Marketing Leaders 

Sports Marketing

The call for purpose-driven action, accelerating digitalization and personalized content are among the leading trends.

CMO Moves Podcast: Shake Shack’s Jay Livingston on Professionalizing Smaller Companies

Adweek Podcasts

Jay Livingston discusses his journey as a marketer, and how he approaches growing and building a marketing strategy.

Raja Rajamannar on the CMO Crisis and What Brands Need to Do About It

CMO Moves

Focusing solely on performance is not enough, as defining ”purpose’ matters more than ever.

5 Attributes Marketers Want in a Job Candidate

Leadership & Talent

To land your dream job, these qualities will get you ahead in the hiring process.

Do I Want to Be a CMO?


Candid conversations about the messy middle

Rare Beauty CMO on Seeing the World Outside 4 Office Walls

CMO Moves

Katie Welch chats about staying true to the brand and not lending yourself to ‘tactic soup.’

Tricia Melton, CMO of Kids, Young Adults and Classics, Warner Brothers Discovery – Leveraging Legendary IP for Memorable Campaigns

CMO Moves

Tricia Melton affectionately refers to her CMO role as being “a kid in a candy shop” and, considering the brands under her umbrella, the description feels genuine. Melton is responsible […]

How New Balance Became a Legacy Disruptor 

Commerce Week

Creating a culture that’s conducive to calculated risk-taking 

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