Take a Multiscreen Approach to TV

Take a Multiscreen Approach to TV

A practical playbook for blending linear, subscription streaming, FAST and more

Reaching TV viewers remains critical for all types of advertisers, but it has become increasingly complex. It’s not that people have stopped watching TV or watch on phones or computers—78% of households that stream content do so on the big screen. But today’s TV audiences move seamlessly between traditional linear and on-demand TV channels, and streaming platforms like free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST). Advertisers need to consider all touchpoints.


Our new guide with Effectv, “A Practical Playbook for Multiscreen TV,” provides actionable advice to help you craft audience-based targeting strategies that consider all channels, integrate modern advertising methods and ensure you’re positioned for success.

Key insights include:

  • Linear TV lives on: Households with streaming subscriptions still spend about twice as much time watching linear content as streaming content.
  • FAST is on the rise: Six in 10 households now use FAST, with news, movies, crime TV, game shows, daytime TV and humor earning the most popular categories.
  • Improved impact: Brand recall is significantly higher when viewers see an ad on both TV and streaming vs. streaming alone.

Maximize your multiscreen TV potential. Download the guide.

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