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Mark Stenberg

Mark Stenberg is Adweek's senior media reporter covering the business of digital and print media and publishers, including their advertising, marketing and editorial strategies. Before joining Adweek Mark was a reporter for Business Insider.

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For Digital Publishers, Ad-Supported News Remains an Unsolved Puzzle

Digital Transformation

The closure of BuzzFeed News casts further doubt on the publishing model.

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The National Enquirer Unveils Its First-Ever Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital Transformation

The publisher, now under new ownership, will use sweepstakes to collect first-party data.

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After SVB, Publishers See Uptick in Ad Spend, and New Messaging, From Regional Banks


Some financial service providers saw opportunity in the upheaval.

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Exclusive: Leaf Group CEO Steps Down As the Publisher Faces Financial Woes


Ownership group Graham Holdings Company said it ‘overpaid’ to acquire the company in 2021.

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Publishers Pare Down Their Portfolios Following Pandemic M&A


Vox Media, Dotdash Meredith and G/O Media all trimmed titles in the last month.

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To Reach Its Lofty Goals, The Messenger Pursues a Depolarized News Environment


The ambitious publisher hopes centrism and scale will yield success.

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As Alternate ID Adoption Increases, These 5 Solutions Lead the Pack

Finding the Customer

The notoriously saturated ecosystem has finally begun to consolidate.

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How AI-Enabled Search Will Affect Publishers’ Affiliate Businesses

Artificial Intelligence

People using search to shop have a fundamentally different goal than those looking to find answers to questions.

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New Video Ad Classification Will Alter How Marketers Direct Budgets

Video Marketing

The in-stream/out-stream binary has expanded to four categories.

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Blavity, After Doubling Ad Revenue, Restructures and Launches Recruiting Product

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The company will split into two divisions as it diversifies its business.